We Made a Commitment


Cannes Can: Diversity Collective is Committed:

  • WE are Committed to the Future Leaders of our Industry 

  • WE are Committed to Excellence in Diversity

  • WE are Committed to Moving Beyond Conversation to Creation   

 Annnnd We are Committed to Halle Berry!!!  

Vision Corps Media Group (VCMG) believes in creative collaboration. VCMG’s founder, Adrianne C. Smith is an industry advocate and leader. During her tenure as the Executive Director for the Center for Excellence in Advertising at Howard University, her training and development programs were the catalyst for the success of many executives who are still active in the industry today. Executives trained in her program have received many awards and accolades including 8 Cannes Lions awards.

In an effort to continue to expose under-represented talent to the industry on an international level, VCMG  partnered with the Marcus Graham Project (MGP). Founded by Lincoln Stephens, for more than a decade MGP has been on the cutting edge of exposing and providing opportunities for people of color in the advertising industry. 

Our combined experience at multiple levels within the industry represents decades of networking, training and development and job placement. Our collective goal is to expose and create more opportunities for under-represented talent within the advertising industry.

The Cannes Can: Diversity Collective is the vehicle for those who Don't Want to just Talk About Diversity but Want to Take Real Action for Diversity.


Don't Talk About It. Be About It!